Why is recycling important in a circular economy?

Glass Recycling – A Path to Circular Economy 

Brands manufacture glass products, we all use it, then glass is collected and send to a recycling facility.

After the recycling process, the reusult, meaning the cullet furnance, is sent to manufacturers for remaking it into a new product, and then people can buy a product made from recycled material. This is what is called the lifecycle of circular packaging.

We all play a part! 

The world of recycling and circular packaging is part of what we consider a circular economy – one that seeks to eliminate waste by reusing and remaking a product over and over again. Only through recycling can we protect the planet by eliminating waste and using fewer natural resources. 

Why is recycling important in a circular economy?

A circular economy and recycling are not the same thing. Recycling can happen without a circular economy as the ultimate goal, but a circular economy for packaging cannot happen without recycling.  Recycling provide the new material from secondary as opposed to virgin sources. 

Whether it is for economics, your community, or the environment – recycling is just the right thing to do. Recyclables have the power to become new packaging and products. When your recycling becomes something new, jobs are generated, greenhouse gases are reduced and natural resources are saved.

Once produced, glass is one of the rare materials that can be 100% and indefinitely recycled, in a bottle to bottle loop, without losing its quality.

•    Glass recycling conserves natural resources
Each ton of recycled glass saves more than a ton of raw materials needed to create new glass. In addition, it also saves 590 Kg of sand, 186 Kg of soda ash and 173 Kg of limestone.

•    Glass recycling reduces CO2 emissions
Using 6 tons of recycled glass, we can reduce one ton of CO2. 

•    Glass recycling is sustainable
Glass is a 100% recyclable material, which means that it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its purity or quality.
If saving the environment is not enough, recycling is also an economic driver. Nationwide, the recycling industry is responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs.  These economic contributions help build the green economy.

What is your impact?
Did you know that if you recycle 5 glass bottles/ week, enough energy is saved to run a TV for 2 hours? 

You can use our recycling calculator HERE to find out the impact your family could have when you recycle and how much energy you save per year. 

And if your business would like to know more information about our glass collection service, simply give us a call. We receive at our headquarters post-consumer packaging waste from: HoReCa Industry, Collectors, Bottling Industry and Waste Management Industry.