End of waste criteria

We give glass waste a new life by turning it into recycled cullet of at least 99% purity, in accordance with the regulations in force.

With the desire to constantly improve performance, GreenGlass frequently improves its recycling techniques to manage its resources as efficiently as possible.

Our commitment to environmental quality policies is reflected in the integrated management systems, respectively in the End of Waste Certificate.

Through our activity and by promoting sustainable waste management policies, we will fight for an ideal world in which there will be no more landfills and glass will be 100% capitalized as a resource.

Welcome to our
recycling calculator.

Our calculations are based on an average sized container. If you regularly recycle very large items (such as champagne Bottles) go ahead and count those as two and if you regularly recycle small containers (such as baby food jars) count those as a half to get a more accurate estimate of your energy savings.

Enter the number below and calculate the results.
Number of glass containers recycled each week: *

What can recycling do per week:
Light a 5W LED bulb for: hrs
Light a compact florescent bulb for: hrs
Run a TV for: hrs
Run a computer for: hrs

That means for a full year, you could:
Light a 5W LED bulb for: hrs / days
Light a compact florescent bulb for: hrs / days
Run a TV for: hrs / days
Run a computer for: hrs / days

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