CO2 Reduction and Energy Savings

At GreenGlass, we invest in innovative glass sorting, processing and recycling solutions to provide our customers the highest quality cullet. There is a close link between recycling and reducing the carbon footprint on the environment, and glass recycling saves energy, resources, CO2 emissions and improves air quality.

Less CO2 is emitted

as less energy is needed to melt recycled glass cullet.

CO2 emissions

from transport have limited impact on the overall production cycle when glass is recycled locally.

Less glass waste

is sent to landfill.

Welcome to our
recycling calculator.

Our calculations are based on an average sized container. If you regularly recycle very large items (such as champagne Bottles) go ahead and count those as two and if you regularly recycle small containers (such as baby food jars) count those as a half to get a more accurate estimate of your energy savings.

Enter the number below and calculate the result.
Number of glass containers recycled each week: *

What can recycling do per week:
Light a 5W LED bulb for: hrs
Light a compact florescent bulb for: hrs
Run a TV for: hrs
Run a computer for: hrs

That means for a full year, you could:
Light a 5W LED bulb for: hrs / days
Light a compact florescent bulb for: hrs / days
Run a TV for: hrs / days
Run a computer for: hrs / days

Improvement of air

quality by reducing its pollution.

Did you know?
Energy costs decrease by about 2-3 percent for every 10% of glass cullet used in the manufacturing process?
It is estimated that 80% of recovered glass containers are transformed into new glass bottles. The new ones can arrive in the stores in at least 30 days?
Using glass cullet to make new products saves energy because it melts at lower temperatures?
The glass from compact fluorescent light bulbs can also be recycled?
By recycling one ton of glass, 2 cubic yards of landfill space are conserved?
For every 6 tons of recycled glass used in the production process, one ton of carbon dioxide is avoided?
The energy saved by recycling a glass bottle can provide energy to a TV for up to 20 minutes?
Air pollution is reduced by up to 20% due to glass recycling?
Glass containers for food and beverage storage can be recycled repeatedly without losing their quality?
Recycling glass can reduce environmental problems such as acid rain and pollution?