a sustainable choice

Using advanced recycling processes, our glass cullet has a high degree of purity - at least 99,99%. In this way, we help our customers to improve both sustainability and profitability.

Furthermore, scope for the use of recycled glass is incredibly diverse. Whether you are seeking colour, clarity or chemical durability, or if you are looking to improve glass manufacturing efficiency and drive down costs, we have the right solution for you.

We transform waste into cullet in two categories: flint and gramber, with no loss in purity or quality, thereby creating an infinite recycling loop.

Recycled glass can be used in areas such as containers, fiberglass insulation and foamglass.

The entire glass industry contributes significantly to the future of long-term environmental sustainability.

While glass is an extremely sustainable material and the industry is constantly improving, the rest is up to us. No matter how environmentally friendly the glass is, the last step in its life cycle should always be reuse or recycle. We are totally dedicated to the environment and we turn glass waste into valuable resources, through innovation.