The first industrial recycling park in Romania, Green Group presents a new visual identity

Bucharest, 22st  of 2020: Green Group, the first recycling industrial park in Romania and one of the largest in Europe, completed the rebranding process in April, which consists of a new visual identity and a concept that capitalize on the positive impact of Green Group on the environment. The change of identity and concept is motivated by the desire to create unity for all of the Green Group brands (Green Fiber, Green Tech, Green WEEE, Green Lamp, Green Glass, Green Resources), which currently offers a multitude of closed circuit solutions for treatment, recovery, recycling and production, 100% based on waste.

The new concept, centered around a strong statement "What lived once, will live again" is inspired by nature, the dynamism and cyclicity of life, starting from the idea that in nature nothing is lost and what once lived, will live again. In fact, the new image reflects the vision and activity of the Green Group company, transforming waste into new resources, moving from a concept of linear economy to the one of circular economy.

"Now, Green Group has a redefined brand architecture, a fresh visual identity inspired by nature, simplified stylistic elements, coherent and consistent in all visual materials, a distinct tone of voice and a correct positioning at the functional, emotional and sensorial level. The new brand strategy will ensure consistency both nationally and at European level, Green Group being present with products obtained from 100% recycled material in several markets ", said Georgiana Badalica-Petrescu, Green Group Brand Manager.

Part of the rebranding process is the change of visual identity elements, more precisely, the change of the logo. The new logo is an abstraction of the life cycle and captures the movement of the elements, the evolution of things and the pure beauty of shapes.

The rebranding also required the creation of a new website ( The new website is easy to access and navigate, specifically adapted to the requirements of visitors and offers a complex online experience: quick access to information that allows a friendly and easy use from any type of device (desktop, tablet or smartphone). is a responsive, information platform, through which visitors can quickly find all the necessary information about the activity of Green Group.

The foundations for the new brand strategy and visual identity were established and created by a mixed team, consisting of the Green Group marketing team, the agency Ideologiq and Headway.

The visual identity and the new brand concept were developed by the Ideologiq agency.
“This project also marks a moment of professional maturity for Ideologiq. The project took place in consecutive stages, respecting all the elements of communication of a strong brand, with clear objectives on the international market: conceptualization, integration, unification. We are proud of our extremely well-organized, intelligent and applied team, which again tested the equation that never fails: ideas + ideals = successful demonstrations ", said Adrian Ichim, Ideologiq partner.

The brand positioning strategy and communication plan were developed by Headway, a marketing strategy and digital transformation agency. (
"The objectives of the re-branding campaign were to shape a unitary image of the group and position Green Group, where it deserves, as one of the largest integrated recycling companies in Europe. A company that is in great need nowadays and that has a real positive impact on the environment, the transformation of waste into new resources that can be used within the economic circuit ", said Raluca Păun, Senior Partner Headway.

About Green Group
Green Group began its history in 2002 and became the largest integrated recycling park in Europe, specialized in recyclable waste management, recycling and recovery of various types of waste. Green Tech, part of Green Group, is the first internationally certified Gold Standard company in reducing CO2 emissions by recycling PET in Europe, turning recyclable waste into a valuable economic resource and thus saving natural resources and energy. Green Tech has also launched the first project in Europe to implement a standardized PET waste recycling process, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45,380 tonnes of CO2 per year.

About Ideologiq
Ideologiq ( has been active in the local and regional market for over 15 years, gaining solid experience in the digital communication process. The portfolio of services offered includes strategy, creation, branding and design, social media marketing, performance marketing, development and implementation of websites and e-commerce, mobile applications and customized software, VR, integrating innovation in all developed projects. Ideologiq is currently one of the most recognized digital agencies in Romania, consisting of a team of 20 people in Bucharest, to which are added collaborators from the company's regional offices in Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. More than half of them are seniors professionals, with over seven years of experience in digital communication. The agency's areas of expertise focus on areas such as pharma & medical, automotive, retail, construction and finance.