Minister of Environment, Costel Alexe, visited GreenGlass

The Minister of Environment, Costel Alexe, visited today, 01.09.2020 GreenGlass Recycling facility, part of Green Group recycling park. 

It is a recognition of our company’s role in closing the loop for glass and its contribution to a circular economy in Romania.

As part of the visit, the Minister endorsed the introduction of a deposit system in Romania, as the key to achieve the national recycling targets and to stop the littering of glass packaging. He also mentioned the latest IRSOP study revealing that 96% of Romanians agree to the introduction of a deposit system.

Here’s what you also need to know about glass recycling in Romania:

270.000 tons of glass packaging is put on the market each year, while the recycling target for glass is 65%.

Green Glass has the total capacity to process 110,000 tons and is equipped with an optoelectronic sorting installation, resulting glass cullet with a 99,99% degree of purity.

Using recycled glass for the production of new bottles and jars can bring great environmental advantages: less CO2 emissions, less energy consumed, less natural resources extracted. 

Glass is the only 100% recyclable packaging. Also, it can be recycled for an unlimited number of times, without losing its properties.

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